PTW Energy Services Achieves 0.00 TRIR

THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS – August 16, 2019 – PTW Energy Services Ltd., US division, has achieved a rolling 12-month Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) of 0.00. TRIR is a measure of occupational safety and health and is calculated by taking the total number of recordable incidents, multiplying that number by two-hundred thousand, then dividing by the total number of hours worked.

At PTW, we endeavour to assure a safe and healthy environment which is why our long-standing, corporate-wide safety initiative “TARGET ZERO” drives our commitment to providing the safest work environments for our employees and clients.

“We are thrilled our innovative safety initiatives have driven this measurable safety success,”

Bob Grim, President – US Operations.

A zero TRIR speaks highly of how our core values and behaviours as well as our strong safety culture have led to this success. It reflects the real character of PTW and its people. It is our genuine desire to keep each other safe that brings these kind of results, and it is the entire team – our customers and our supply chain – whom we also commended for this achievement.

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