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Fabrication Services

Exceeding Expectations


At PTW, we value the drive and dedication of our people.


In our world-class 212,000 sq ft complex located on 40 acres in Rocky View County, Alberta, we produce roughly 20 million pounds of structural steel and 600 metal buildings annually. Our complex was built in 2015 and is comprised of four major facilities:

  • Building / Shop A – sheet metal building and components facility
  • Building / Shop B – structural steel facility
  • Building / Shop C – sandblasting and coating facility
  • Modular construction yard

Our facilities offer some of the largest manufacturing capacity in North America for both rigid & self-frame structures and we can operate 24/7/365 through a workforce guided by excellent quality and safety practices. Our facilites have been configured to optimize efficiency with high-tech rolling, forming and cutting machines which allows us to streamline production to meet your delivery expectations.

Value-added services

Manufacturing Complex

We are able to complete any size of Project in our climate controlled environment through our:

  • 212,000 sq ft steel manufacturing plant,
  • 106,000 Sq ft structural steel facility,
  • 57,500 sq ft sheet metal plant,
  • 30,000 sq coating and blast facility
  • 19 acres of assembly area
  • more than 30 overhead cranes

Pre-Engineered Buildings

Our manufacturing process is strictly regulated and audited by several outside agencies including the Canadian Welding Bureau and the Canadian Standards Association. Our team has the capacity to seamlessly execute multiple projects at accelerated schedules and are proficient in providing structures over 350 feet and height clearances greater than 100 feet.

Self-Framing Buildings

Our self frame buildings offer the perfect solution for a wide range of applications including on site or site-built structures, our self frame buildings are engineered for easy assembly and quick turnaround. With the flexibility to customize layouts, sizes, and finishes, our self frame buildings can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Rigid Frames

PTW is proficient in providing structures with spans over 106 meters (350’) and height clearances greater than 30 meters (100’). The manufacturing process is strictly regulated and audited by several outside agencies including the Canadian Welding Bureau and the Canadian Standards Association.

Structural Skids

PTW is a leading supplier of Structural Skids, from Compressor, Process, Wellhead or Electrical packages, our design and fabrication capabilities can fulfill all custom requirements. Our facility boasts 4 bays and has a total of 104,000 square feet of interior space dedicated to structural fabrication. With this ample space, we can easily complete multiple skids simultaneously. We also have a 30,000 square foot coating facility which allows us to seamlessly integrate coating into the fabrication process, providing a significant advantage that many of our customers appreciate and rely on.

Building components

PTW offers a wide selection of building components and accessories from heavy industrial and high-end commercial structures, to basic storage facilities. Our Rolling Mills have the capability to form multiple cladding profiles as well as C and Z shaped girts and purlins. Our computerized shears and brakes cut and bend the sheet metal to your precise specifications.

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