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Exceeding Expectations


At PTW, we value the drive and dedication of our people.


We are committed to minimizing the impact of our operations through the utilization of best management practices and by leveraging the education, commitment, and dedication of our team members.

PTW develops project specific Environmental Work Plans (EWP), which are presented to our clients for review and approval prior to any work being performed. We also ensure that all supervisory personnel complete our EWP training. PTW has established general environmental rules and requirements that aim to prevent pollution, water and air contamination, harm to wildlife, and improper waste disposal.

Waste Management

We ensure that our waste is appropriately managed prior to completing all tasks, and prior to handover to our customers.

PTW is committed to meeting these waste management objectives:

  • Focus on reducing, reusing, and recycling of our waste, while aiming to create an operation that is as waste free as possible.
  • Protect human health and the environment from any waste related hazards.
  • Minimize the generation of industrial waste through material selection, production and the use of goods and services.


We engaged an independent expert, PwC, to help us compile our first Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory. Our goal was to establish a comprehensive understanding of our Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions, baseline measurements for setting reduction targets and implementing effective mitigation strategies for the future. The largest source of our emissions is from mobile combustion, our fleet. One step we are taking towards reducing this figure is by actively addressing truck idling times. We are also reviewing our electricity use at each facility to identify where electricity consumption can be optimized.

Impact Management

PTW is committed to mitigating environmental effects our operations may have on both communities and the environment. We strive to be responsible business citizens by partnering with clients to minimize our overall impact in all business activities. All PTW’s operational areas are expected to represent a responsible, safe and courteous performance.

Examples of managing PTW’s operational impacts include:

  • Dust Management
  • Traffic Control
  • Noise Control
  • Worksite Entry
  • Road and Lease Use
  • Neighbour Relations

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