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PTW acknowledges Electrical Injury Day of Recognition, and continues its commitment to safety

PTW Energy Services is committed to providing a safe work environment for all employees and is dedicated to reducing its risk of electrical injuries. As part of this commitment, we have established an Electrical Safety Committee to ensure our electrical policies and practices are current, and our workers have the tools and training necessary to work in a safe manner. The committee is comprised of Senior Electricians, Managers and third-party industry experts working together since 2021 to:

  • advise PTW on potential issues and risk mitigation strategies to prevent electrical injuries in the workplace;
  • actively work with employees to regularly inspect PPE and equipment to protect against electrical shock or arc flash. An arc flash is a phenomenon where an electrical current diverges from its intended path and connects with the air or ground. The results are often violent and when someone is in close proximity to the arc flash, serious injury and even death can occur;
  • amend PTW’s Electrical Safety Program through the acknowledgement of the long-term impacts of low voltage shocks on an individual;
  • develop and enforce best practices surrounding the importance of working on non-energized equipment; and
  • mandate for all Journeypersons or Electricians to update their knowledge through our Electrical Safety Training that follows the Canadian CSA Z462 Standard every three years.  

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Laryssa Yakiwchuk, Marketing and Communications Manager, PTW Energy Services
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