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PTW Branch Operations feature of the week – Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray, located in northern Alberta is an urban service centre under the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. The area is a key driver of Alberta’s and Canada’s economy due to the region’s prominence in the oil and natural gas industry. Fort McMurray is surrounded by dense boreal forest and is home to a variety of natural attractions, making Fort McMurray a prime location for lovers of the great outdoors.

The Fort McMurray branch has been provided unique opportunities to work for oil sand producers, with our services spanning a large geographic footprint due to the sheer size of the oil sands – the oil sands in this region (also known as the Athabasca oil sands) is also considered to be the world’s third largest oil reserve. Within the oil sands we deploy our crews to provide electrical and instrumentation (construction and maintenance) as well as valve services both in shop and field.

Our Fort McMurray team also consists of a rental division that can supply meters as well as meter and gauge recalibrations. This location also houses a large Valve Services Centre which maintains equipment and a high-pressure boiler to allow servicing and setting Pressure Relief Valves on Air, Water or Steam. Control and Isolation valves keep us just as busy in this area, both on-site and in shop.

Our Construction team is working to provide a client with a large modular structure at its location, that once complete, will increase the client’s ability to process oil without disruptions. 

 “The working dynamic here is great” says Adam Bowering, one of the Area Managers to the Fort McMurray branch. “You can find our group both working together whenever needed and eating lunch together daily, it would be hard for a visitor to see a separation between valves and E/I. We can be described as highly collaborative with common goals. Our team members are willing to jump in and help one another, regardless of whether the work needing to be done is in their job scope, our staff are always quick to provide a hand where the help is needed”.

Like the Fort McMurray area in general, PTW is a diverse group of people from an array of backgrounds and cultures as most of our workforce is not from the Fort McMurray area. We provide options for employees to live in the area or commute which allows our teams the flexibility to live where they feel at home.

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