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PTW operates all branch locations on a 24/7/365 support model to guarantee to customers that they can receive support at any time as we understand that equipment breakdowns and emergencies can occur when you least expect them to. Customers rely on us to keep their equipment running smoothly and efficiently, providing PTW the competitive edge against its competitors.

Our team of highly trained professionals are available to provide support and assistance to minimize downtime and disruptions. We quickly identify and rectify any issues in order to reduce the time it takes to get equipment back up and running as equipment can pose significant safety and production risks when it is not functioning correctly.

In recent months, our Taber team assisted a client resolve an issue related to excess voltage potential on a NGR System (Neutral Ground Resistor) protecting one of their Oil battery facilities. After thorough testing and investigation, the issue was found to be a high resistance short to ground in a unit Heater and the client’s ground fault relay system, posing overall risk to the NGR and other systems within the facility. Our team was able to identify and resolved the issue while keeping the client’s operations running and from risking other equipment in the facility. Through our 24/7/365 support model, our team ensured that the client was provided with our services, even outside of business hours, reassuring our customer that that we are available for support at any time.

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