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Then and Now Feature: Craig Erickson 

Meet Craig Erickson, a seasoned employee who joined the company before it was PTW. Starting as an Instrumentation Lead in Fox Creek, Craig has witnessed PTW’s evolution, through various renames and mergers. His hard work propelled him from Instrumentation Lead in Fox Creek up the ranks to roles such as Whitecourt Instrumentation Manager, Whitecourt Branch Manager, and Environmental Solutions Manager. Today, Craig is the Manager of Instrumentation QC and Environmental Solutions. 

Reflecting on his career journey, Craig remarked, “It has always been the people that have worked here, and many of them are still working at PTW today that makes me stay.” Craig emphasized the importance of mentorship, noting that “when you are training/mentoring someone, train them with the intention that one day you will work for them or be your replacement.” 

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Craig is a devoted family man, celebrating 25 years of marriage with his wife Tasha and gushing about his two children. His daughter is set to graduate high school shortly and is in the process of exploring colleges with plans to compete in college rodeo in fall 2024 and at the professional level this coming summer. Meanwhile, his son is entering high school and has many talents in 3D printing, computers, and basketball. 

Outside the office, Craig enjoys life on his acreage, which he affectionately describes as a small ranch. Here, he cares for various animals, including horses, 4H steer projects, dogs, cats, and the occasional goat. Craig can be found in his spare time with his family, participating in Team Roping at local jackpots, and occasionally competing at amateur rodeos with friends and his daughter. As well, Craig is known to urge his team in Whitecourt to participate in numerous charity events such as food banks, sponsoring families at Christmas time, donating to the women’s shelter, providing volunteer electrical work when needed, and as pictured, joining in the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Charity walk.

Pictured: Craig and his team participate in the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” charity event.