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Innovative Solutions and Split-Second Success: PTW’s Calgary Team Takes on Saskatchewan Project 

PTW’s Modular Construction team has undertaken a comprehensive project for a large agriculture client set to be dispatched to Saskatchewan by the end of January 2024. The project involves the fabrication of a 2-split preparation MCC building featuring a rooftop platform with a HVAC unit and a loadout MCC building. In this project, our team was responsible for the design, supply, and installation of skids, electrical utilities, cabling, and major electrical equipment. 

Originally planned for on-site execution in Saskatchewan, the project faced tight schedules. After careful consideration, the team opted for a more cost-effective and time-efficient strategy which involved transporting the electrical equipment to the Calgary Modular Yard, where the team could seamlessly handle installation and cable work, as well as the crucial task of splitting the MCC building in half. After which, the entire assembly would be shipped back to Saskatchewan. 

Throughout this intricate project, PTW electricians showcased their expertise and problem-solving skills, bridging engineering gaps to ensure the successful completion of the installation. The split, which took place on January 29th, was a big win for the entire team, marking an achievement that resonated with everyone involved. 

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