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PTW Energy Services Strengthens its Renewables Division with Fibre Jetting and Termination, Enhancing Efficiency and Reliability in Green Energy Infrastructure

The renewables industry is continuously evolving as companies seek innovative ways to enhance the efficiency and reliability of green energy. Renewable energy has been front of mind for energy companies over the past decade in an effort to align with government policies aimed at promoting environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional energy sources.

In response, PTW Energy Services (or “PTW”) has adapted its use of Fibre Jetting and Termination technologies for renewable energy applications. This investment represents our commitment to advancing the energy transition within Canada while strengthening our renewables division and the services we provide to clients.

Fibre Jetting and Termination utilize advanced fiber optic techniques to install and maintain infrastructure networks within renewable energy and offer benefits that contribute to overall reliability and efficiency of green energy production.

At its core, Fibre Jetting involves the installation of fiber optic cables using compressed air, facilitating quicker installation over extended distances compared to conventional trenching methods, such as overhead powerlines or underground cables. This method is not only efficient by reducing installation time and costs, but also minimizes disruption to the surrounding environment.

Fibre Termination, on the other hand, involves the maintenance of fibre optic connectivity to ensure the performance and reliability of fiber optic networks. PTW employs two methods of fibre termination: Fibre Splicing (using a fusion machine to melt glass to fuse fibre strands together) and Field-Installed Connectors (using a Corning Unicam tool to connect fibre strands together without the need for a fusion splicer). As members of Corning’s Network of Preferred Installers (NPI), PTW can provide clients with warranties up to 25 years on select Corning installed products. Both techniques have been instrumental in guaranteeing the reliability of green energy for clients as they facilitate uninterrupted operations.  

Our commitment to Fibre Jetting and Termination technologies marks a notable achievement for PTW and underscores our involvement in the advancement of green energy in Canada, while solidifying our position as a leader in the renewable energy sector.

“We have extensive experience in the renewable energy market in Western Canada and have demonstrated our expertise in this area over the years with the installation of over 2.1 GW of manufacturer turbines and 725 MW of racking and solar panel systems”, Comments John W. Cooper, Chief Executive Officer to PTW. “Our expertise in Fibre Jetting and Termination will undoubtedly bring value to clients in terms of overall production and environment stewardship. We are optimistic that our continued focus on these technologies will unlock new opportunities and lasting value.”

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