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Taber provides Electrical Construction services to a food processing plant 

PTW’s Taber branch successfully executed a critical electrical construction project for a food processing plant. This project included the installation of a new Palletizer (a machine or automated system used in material handling and logistics to arrange and stack products or items on a pallet) and the expansion and alteration of a spiral freezer which is ideal for freezing, chilling, and heating foods, such as fish, shrimp, meat, poultry, berries, fruits, and vegetables as well as pasta, cheese, baked goods, and grains.   

Notably, these complex tasks were accomplished during the plant’s annual shutdown, where adhering to a strict and non-negotiable deadline was imperative. 

The project included a multitude of challenges, with various teams racing to meet the demanding timeline. Tasks included, disconnecting, and dismantling control and power conduits for existing Palletizer and conveyors, expanding the Plant’s PLC panels to accommodate the larger Palletizer and additional automated conveyors, disconnecting and dismantling control and power conduits feeding devices, and re-route and adding conducive and new devices. Our team’s extensive expertise and experience played a pivotal role in ensuring its success.  

Given the extensive workload and the need for coordination between multiple trades, meticulous planning and timing were a must to complete this project. Often, quick adjustments and adaptations were necessary to ensure seamless daily progress. 

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