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PTW’s Valve Services: Fort McMurray  

Our Fort McMurray location provides a comprehensive range of services at our valve shop, including storage, inspection, repairs, and testing of various valves and controls such as PRV’s, ball, gate, globe, butterfly & knife gate valves. Our team is available 24/7/365, ensuring that costly downtime is minimized while adhering to all relevant codes and regulations. Our highly skilled crew provides top-notch safety, quality, and reliability to ensure that we consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.  

Our skilled and dedicated workforce is committed to safety and quality in every aspect of our operations. We take pride in being audited and approved by ABSA for our rigorous Quality Management System, which encompasses test equipment and inspection areas dedicated to servicing and sealing PRVs (Pressure Relief Valve) with ASME Code Stamped Sect. I, IV & VIII certifications. Using digital gauges for testing accuracy, we ensure the precision of every valve we work on. As a vendor-neutral integrator of valves, we customize solutions to meet our clients’ exact specifications. Our inspections, repairs, and testing are executed with meticulous attention to each valve’s manufacturing specifications, utilizing O.E.M. parts & published procedures. We have the in-shop capability to test PRVs using air, water, and steam. We also maintain onsite service/testing capabilities with a Mobile Valve Service Trailer and an Assisted Lift Device. Additionally, we offer storage solutions for customer spare parts and valves, allowing for added convenience. 

Ft. McMurray’s valve shop has quite a few benefits which include technicians with various experiences & O.E.M maintenance courses, ensuring our team is well-equipped with the latest knowledge and skills. Whether it is in-situ or shop PRV (Pressure Relief Valve) maintenance, control & isolation type valve services, or fast on-site mobilization to provide troubleshooting support, we have the expertise to meet your needs, both in the short and long term. Our digital test and inspection reports provide comprehensive information, including the as-found condition, disposition, and results of each valve, O.E.M. critical dimensions, parts replaced & suggestions for the next service interval, as well as visual documentation of any concerns or damages. We are dedicated to delivering top-notch valve services, from start to finish, for the benefit of our valued clients. 

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