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PTW’s Valve Services: DV Meter 

Located in Drayton Valley, Alberta, DV Meter has provided long-term measurement and instrumentation throughout Western Canada, including accurate and quality measurement and instrumentation services. The shop offers a variety of Field Instrumentation Services such as Shutdowns, Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Construction. The DV Meter Shop offers a range of services that extend beyond relief valves. The team has a dedicated instrumentation service department to handle control valves, actuators, and more. We specialize in personal gas monitor calibration to guarantee customer safety equipment is in peak condition. We also have capabilities to service gas and liquid meters with a portable prover available for valves unable to travel to our shop. 

When it comes to gas meter repairs and calibrations, our in-house gas proving area is certified by Measurement Canada and can service various gas meters and related equipment, offering comprehensive solutions. 

In the realm of liquid meter repairs and calibrations, we have an in-house liquid proving bench capable of handling turbine meters, PD meters, Coriolis meters, and mag meters, with a maximum size of 10 inches and a maximum flow rate of 3800 m³/day.  

Unique to our Drayton Valley location includes a portable prover offering trailer-mounted vessels for on-the-go meter proving, accommodating meters up to 3 inches in size, sweet or sour. Field meter proving is available for turbine meters up to 2 inches, and effluent well testing is available with their portable 3-phase well testers, offering detailed reports, and ensuring precise measurements. 

DV Meter Shop is your one-stop shop for precision metering solutions, providing accuracy and safety of client equipment and operations. 

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