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Self-frame-structural solutions: Optimizing operations and maximizing safety. 

Designed with versatility and efficiency in mind, our self-framing structures offer the perfect solution for a wide range of applications. Whether you need a modular or site-built structure engineered for easy assembly, our self-frame buildings ensure a quick turnaround period. There is flexibility to customize layouts, sizes, and finishes, and buildings can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. From temporary installations to permanent structures, our self-frame buildings provide cost-effective and efficient solutions that are built to last. 

Serving various purposes across different industries and applications, there are a number of key purposes we can note for the use of self-frame structures. These include: 

  • Electrical control buildings  
  • Remote instrument buildings 
  • Pump stations  
  • Operator rooms/offices  
  • Wellhead shelters  
  • Generator enclosures  
  • Process buildings  
  • Wastewater treatment  
  • Guard houses  
  • Telecommunications  
  • Hazardous waste 


There are often a number of variables to be considered when it comes to the incorporation of self-frame structures. For example, the consideration of the loads imposed by equipment and environmental forces. Engineers employ advanced structural analysis and simulation techniques to ensure the integrity and safety of these structures remain sound under challenging operational conditions.  


Self-frame structures offer several advantages, including enhanced architectural design, cost-effectiveness, efficient use of material, and the ability to create spacious unobstructed interiors. By utilizing self-frame structures, our clients can optimize their operations, maximize safety, and achieve cost-effective solutions while providing stability and enabling easy assembly and transportation. 

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