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Optimizing Injection Processes with Coiled Polymer Chokes 

Coiled polymer chokes, a technology employed by PTW in various client projects, have enhanced the oil recovery process and optimized fluid control to and from downhole reservoirs. In previous jobs, PTW tested different tubing sizes and different flow rates to find the optimal size to use to control polymer flow into a well without causing shearing. When polymer shears it lowers the viscosity which in turn increases injection cost and lowers oil recovery. 

Unlike conventional flow or pressure-reducing plug, ball or choke valves, coiled polymer chokes have a low differential pressure across them, resulting in low shear and the optimization of client financial input for greater oil recovery.  

Coiled tubing chokes serve as a flow control for polymer injections, and can contribute to a successful polymer injection in several ways, including: 

  • Flow control: Allowing precise control of the injection rate. Operators can manage the flow of the solution by adjusting the choke settings.  
  • Shear prevention: Polymers that are used in enhanced oil recovery tend to be sensitive to sheer forces. Coiled tubing chokes are designed to ensure that polymers maintain their desired viscosity and effectiveness. 
  • Pressure management: Tubing helps maintain the appropriate injection pressure, preventing reservoir damage and promoting effective displacement of oil. 
  • Uniform injection: Ensures consistent injection of the solution across the wellbore.  

Operation efficiency: Coiled tubing streamlines the Injection process, reducing the need for extensive rigging and intervention, and minimizing downtime and operation costs.  

  • Minimized environmental impact: Contribute to environmentally friendly operations by reducing the potential for polymer waste or contamination.  

Coiled polymer chokes can efficiently adapt to varying project requirements. Regardless of the length, size, or delivery timelines requested, coiled polymer chokes are proven to fulfill the requirements of any given job and ensure seamless integration into diverse oil recovery projects. 

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