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PTW’s Mobile Pressure Relief Valve Shop: Reducing Downtime and Increasing Productivity for Customers

Did you know PTW has a full-service mobile Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) shop? This shop is condensed into a 40-foot trailer that can be brought to a remote client location and is fully self-sufficient. Audited and approved by the Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA), this mobile shop contains compressors for shop and high-pressure (HP) testing air, 175 gallons each of clean water and refused/used water containment, a metal lathe, a crane that extends outside of the unit and the length of the workspace, a sandblaster, pressure equipment for setting PRVs, and multiple workstations.

By parking the trailer close to the installation site, we can reduce downtime for customers who require a fast turnaround on their PRVs by eliminating travel time to and from service shops as the trailer can be parked in a central location.

Our mobile shop option is also comparable in cost, and at times cheaper, than bringing valves to one of our PTW locations as our mobile shop saves time and cost by eliminating travel and wait times.

Our clients place a high priority on minimizing equipment downtime, particularly during the frigid winter months, when the temperature can cause severe harm to both the equipment and operations. Last fall, during a cold period, one of our clients required a small group of valves to be completed, but they did not want the equipment to be down too long in the cold. Our mobile unit was instrumental at this job, and our team was able to reduce downtime by at least five hours per valve/group.

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