PTW Branch Operations feature of the week – Whitecourt

The Whitecourt Branch offers top-notch electrical and instrumentation maintenance along with an extensive array of third-party services like pipefitting, welding, picker services, automation, engineering, equipment rentals, and millwrighting. Our team is highly skilled and equipped to handle any challenge. The team take great pride in their work, and they pay high attention to detail to ensure that every project is completed to the highest standards.

In recent months, the Whitecourt team has been involved in projects that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We have also seen a surge in the automation of well sites, with centralized control relocated at the input/output controller (IOC) and cameras installed on site for visual confirmation and leak detection. This development is significant because it enables more efficient operations, better monitoring of the site, and enhanced safety measures.

At the Whitecourt Branch, the team has a strong and supportive culture where everyone looks out for each other and celebrates each other’s successes. Our team comprises of highly experienced members with some employed by the Whitecourt Branch for over 10 years.

The team organizes PTW events that are well attended due to the camaraderie we’ve built within our team. We firmly believe that our team’s focus on both our customers and its workforce makes us a valuable asset to the industry.

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Laryssa Yakiwchuk, Marketing and Communications Manager, PTW Energy Services
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