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PTW Calgary Panel Shop: Panel Construction

PTW’s Calgary Panel shop recently completed the construction and shipment of several newly built panels for an Oil and Gas client.

Among these new panels, an impressive feature includes the addition of multiple PLC Control Panels, which provide automation and controls for oil and gas operations. Additionally, the new panels have also been designed with contactor panels used specifically for lighting, pump, and heat trace control. They were created to monitor performance and ensure efficient and secure functionality. We also constructed multiple communication panels that are vital for facilitating crucial communication and data transfer functions.   

Our dedicated team invested significant time and effort into completing these panels for our client. Prior to shipping to the site, our team conducted an in-depth QA/QC, and hosted an in-house factory acceptance test. By conducting a FAT in our facility before shipping, we can rectify any potential design changes or punch items.  

Our team took great pride in the success of this project and is now eager to see the panel’s impact on operations


For further information please contact: 
Laryssa Lesinszki, Marketing and Communications Manager, PTW Energy Services 
Tel: +1 403.247.5766; llesinszki@laryssa

Contractor Panel
Control Panel for pump controls
Part of the main central panel
Heat Trace control panel