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PTW Saskatoon Reflects on Project Portfolio

Our Saskatoon team excels in diverse maintenance services for a broad clientele. Through a longstanding partnership with an agricultural facility, our team has overseen the design and installation of electrical circuits for small to medium-sized projects. Responsibilities extend to enhancing lighting infrastructure, adding fixtures, facilitating lab relocations, and designing a new electrical layout with a focus on transitioning lighting circuits for energy efficiency.

The team also worked on a project related to a new metering skid for natural gas distribution. This entailed the installation of a new PLC, UPS, and wiring for the metering skid, followed by the commissioning and completion of all as-built drawings.

Throughout the years, the team was often faced with challenges that required out-of-the-box solutions, and most notably, during a lighting upgrade project, they changed the location of the current lights to a new area of the site to create more space and reduce the production times of other projects that were originally affected by the set up. In turn, this decision saved a lot of extra expenses for the client.

Our Saskatoon branch is currently in the process of completing a virtual upgrade for the two preexisting MCC buckets, transitioning them to smart buckets connected to Ethernet/IP and enhancing their overall functionality.

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