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Fostering PTW’s Safety Excellence: Athabasca 

PTW’s Athabasca branch is taking major steps to keep their team safe. Michael Olson, Athabasca Area Manager, shares some of the unique practices he and his team follow in response to the ever-evolving challenges they encounter while on the job. 

 “One of the more unique practices that we do is helicopter usage to remote areas. There are many sites that we perform maintenance on that are not accessible by motor vehicle.” To ensure the safety of our team in a multitude of environments, PTW has implemented a range of safety practices. These include adopting safety practices for projects on aerial work platforms, implementing fall protection practices, adhering to helicopter safety protocols, incorporating all-terrain vehicle practices, conducting personal monitoring practices and establishing procedures for handling severe weather. 

Meeting Safety Protocols  

Our workforce actively contributes to enhancing safety protocols in their respective work environments, with Journeymen playing a crucial role in mentoring Apprentices to adhere to proper procedures. When asked about encouraging workers to actively engage in improving safety practices, Michael emphasized the importance of Journeymen guiding apprentices in proper conduct, including the completion of pre-job hazard assessments in our eCompliance system.  

According to Michael, mentoring ensures effective communication between Journeymen and Apprentices on daily tasks, providing Apprentices with the confidence and knowledge of PTW practices, policies and the correct procedures to follow when working on-site to keep themselves and others safe. 

Overcoming Unique Obstacles 

Branches all have various challenges they will have to face on site and it is important to have a plan on how every situation should be handled. Our teams take a collaborative approach with clients to mitigate risks, which has been well-received and effective for our teams as client safety personnel have provided our team with valuable insights that have either shed new light on potential risks or facilitated the removal of specific risks entirely from a task. This collaborative effort not only enhances overall safety measures but also fosters a mutually beneficial partnership with clients, emphasizing PTW’s commitment to a secure and effective work environment.  

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