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PTW Branch Operations feature of the week – Saskatoon

Since 1996, our Saskatoon branch has been providing electrical and instrumentation construction, maintenance and commissioning services to the area in addition to a major Canola crush facility near Clavet. The team is comprised of full-time maintenance and construction professionals that have extensive industry knowledge and over the years, have completed several major construction projects, including the expansion of the canola crush plant in 2009 and the addition of a canola oil refinery in 2014. The team’s most recent project, completed in 2022, involved the installation of an H2S odour scrubber, which removes H2S from the cooling tower water in the extraction plant.

Energy saving initiatives has been an increasingly noticeable trend and we have assisted clients in implementing several measures to reduce energy consumption, such as upgrading lighting to LED and installing photocells on outdoor lighting. PTW is also involved some cost saving initiatives and has been working with engineers to identify cost-saving opportunities such as installing transmitters to monitor water and steam usage. The Branch has been planning to update the canola crush’s facilities outdated I/O for the main DCS control system to the latest version to minimize downtime by improving outdated hardware and decreasing troubleshooting time to improve efficiency.

Every winter holiday season, the Branch supports local charities and organizations, including a local recreation hockey team. The Branch is quite close knit, with some of the employees having been friends since elementary school. Their daily toolbox meetings create a collaborative and team orientated environment as everyone is provided an opportunity to voice their opinions and ideas in order to improve the task at hand. “We value everyone’s input and believe that by working together, we can achieve the best results, while keeping safety a top priority and part of the group’s culture” comments Kelly Magerl, Area Manager to the Saskatoon Branch. “We have a great atmosphere at our Branch and all employees are happy to come to work and work together to complete the tasks for the day.”

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