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PTW Branch Operations feature of the week – Estevan

Estevan, the eighth-largest city in Saskatchewan, approximately 16 km north of the Canada–United States border, is home to Marc Corbeil, Area Manager for the Estevan branch and his team, who provide electrical and instrumentation (E&I) maintenance and construction, in addition to meter proving and thermography services. Thermography, which is the ability to detect hot spots in electrical with an infrared camera, is a preventative maintenance service we provide to our clients to minimize equipment damage and operational downtime. Like all of our branches, Estevan is part of a strategic network of 46 branch locations that are in place to allow PTW to quickly execute in all major markets our clients need us to, and operate on a 24/7/365 support model.

Some of the exciting work Estevan is part of includes expanding an asphalt paving plant, building a 300 horse-power compressor, and installing a pipeline leak detection system to client infrastructure. The leak detection system is able to detect leaks based off pressure and flow of the product moving through the pipeline. The installation of this system is imperative as without, a pipeline leak can have detrimental environmental impacts.

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