PTW Branch Operations feature of the week – Drumheller

The Drumheller branch provides maintenance services to customers in the area and is unique for its abilities to rebuild and repair glycol pumps for our oil and gas customers; many of the old facilities still rely on these pumps for the extraction of water from natural gas which then allows the producer to sell dry gas meeting spec for the pipelines.

The Drumheller branch is also able to perform bench tests and has equipment that can simulate on-site conditions in shop through the use of a high pressure glycol circulation loop. The bench test allows us to test our pumps in a controlled environment to ensure the pumps are safe, don’t leak and function properly.

“Our Drumheller team has a lot of heart” comments the Area Manager for the Drumheller branch. “Our team is actively involved in the community from volunteer firefighting, coaching minor league hockey teams and volunteering with charity groups throughout Drumheller. I am proud to see our team so actively involved in our community and making a difference.”

For further information please contact:
Laryssa Yakiwchuk, Marketing and Communications Manager, PTW Energy Services
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