PTW Branch Operations feature of the week – Drayton Valley and DV Meter  

The Drayton Valley Branch combines its service offerings with DV Meter, a PTW Energy Services company that provides sales, servicing and calibration for instrumentation, meters, and electric actuation. This branch has a full-fledged store front with pressure safety valve (PSV) services, meter proving / measuring and electrical and instrumentation (E&I) capabilities equipped to assist operations in the Drayton Valley and surrounding regions.
Our shop is open to the public, and is unique to the area with industry experts experienced in sourcing, selling, and educating customers on our products. We have a large surplus of equipment and parts available, including older model valves to sell to clients or use in our own repairs. The shop includes a rental division from recorders, deadweight’s, baker pumps, PV gas meters, bag meters and a large selection of turbine meters.

PTW employee sets PSV.

Our team handles a large volume of calls daily to help our customers troubleshoot systems, sourcing parts and finding ways to fix or calibrate for customers on an ongoing basis.

The Drayton Valley and DV Meter branch is OEM certified to repair Barber ESD pumps and is one of the few branches in the region with these capabilities. Our team annually attends a maintenance run in California to repair these pumps for clients throughout North America, and in the past we have serviced client operations in Indonesia, Central China and Africa.

We have multiple crews providing E&I services, and portable provers inspecting a variety of meters including volumetric, master meter and  gravimetric proving. Proving is a specialized service some of our branches provide to our clients, and this branch also has capabilities to re-certify portable provers and shop bench provers. Our branch has the standards and qualifications to re-certify these provers through the use of our certified jugs and weights.

For further information please contact:
Laryssa Yakiwchuk, Marketing and Communications Manager, PTW Energy Services
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