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CTE PTW and Pacific Northwest completed a significant carbon emissions reduction initiative for Prince Rupert Port Authority 

The PTW-owned company, Pacific Northwest (PNW), recently completed a significant carbon emissions reduction initiative for the Prince Rupert Port Authority, with valuable support from PTW’s collaborative partnership with Coast Tsimshian Enterprises (CTE), known as CTE PTW This C$1.6 million Shore Power services project includes carbon emission initiatives that use the port’s new electrical infrastructure to offset almost 30,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually in addition to offsetting air emissions related to vessel exhaust, such as nitrogen oxides and particulates, which is equivalent to removing over 6,500 typical passenger vehicles from the road. As of now, both berths allow ships to power down their main generators and utilize specially equipped dockside connections during cargo operations.  

Indigenous Partnerships are one of the key economic drivers and decision-making tools for many development initiatives, and rightly so.  The Port of Prince Rupert reports one of the highest Indigenous employment metrics in Canadian Ports, with over 40% Indigenous talent comprising the local port workforce. Including local Nations in this project and future gateway projects is important to PRPA. PTW’s partnership with Lax Kw’alaams Band and Metlakatla First Nation, through CTE, was one of the metrics considered in the project’s award. We are grateful to our partners at CTE, and to PRPA for ensuring that Economic Reconciliation is an entrenched way of doing business and of ensuring sustainable development for businesses and communities, every day.  

PTW is committed to driving positive change through the promotion of sustainable practices, supporting local communities, and fostering economic opportunities. We remain dedicated and eager to continue collaborative efforts with CTE and pursue our shared vision of honouring the region’s heritage and preserving its natural resources. We hope to continue advancing progress and prosperity for all stakeholders and rightsholders. 

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