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Did you know?  Apprenticeships with PTW 

The Apprenticeship Program is a government program intended for students interested in pursuing a career in the trades. Applicants can register through their specific provincial trade programming and accepted applicants are provided with a combination of classroom theory education and on-the-job practical experience, that’s where PTW comes in. 

Investing in Growth: 

Apprentices who choose to work with PTW will be eligible for our tuition reimbursement program. We recognize the pivotal role our Apprentices play in our success. We currently have over 400 Apprentices and are committed to fostering their development throughout their Apprenticeship journey. In line with this commitment, eligible Apprentices can receive up to $1000 for every academic year they invest in their education. 

Program Overview: 

As a 1st Year Apprentice, individuals progress through our structured program, advancing steadily toward achieving Journeyperson status. PTW collaborates closely with apprentices, creating a schedule that works with the essential classroom theory and the on-site practice. Upon completion, Apprentices are welcomed back to the PTW workforce to accumulate valuable practical experience. 

Journey to Excellence: 

As Apprentices move through the program, they can complete their Red Seal exam with the support of PTW. Successfully passing this exam allows workers to perform interprovincial work in various trades. For certain trades, including welding, electrical, and instrumentation, securing the Red Seal is a prerequisite for legally practicing in the province of Alberta. 

Join PTW’s Apprenticeship Program and unlock a pathway to professional success with a supportive and growth-oriented organization! Contact our HR team to learn more at careers@ptwenergy.com or by dialling 1-833-PTW-JOBZ.