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Foster PTW’s Safety Excellence: Redwater

Fostering PTW’s Safety Excellence 

Safety is a top priority at PTW and with branches across Western Canada, each face their own unique challenges and safety risks inherent to the territory they are working. PTW’s Redwater branch is no exception. Like all our branches, we place a huge emphasis on practicing extensive safety procedures, including pre-job meetings, FLRA participation, ongoing training and mentoring and daily toolbox talks. “We rely on our policies and procedures to get a baseline that we strive to exceed” Comments Kurtis Kwashuk, Area Manager of our Redwater branch. 

Encouraging Worker Safety  

In our interview with Kurtis Kwashuk, the Area Manager for Redwater, he shared his effective strategies for actively engaging workers in enhancing safety practices on-site. He explained, “Daily, I choose a pre-job task to review with the workers, discussing potential areas for improvement and updates. One-on-one interactions with the workers have proven to be impactful. HID/BBO submissions play a crucial role in raising awareness about our surroundings. At the end of each month, those who have met the minimum requirement of 4 submissions are entered into a draw for a chance to win our month-end safety award. Additionally, for every 2 HID/BBO submissions above the minimum goal of 4, their name is entered again. These incentives motivate workers to actively participate in the program, promoting safe practices and fostering a continuous improvement mindset.” 

Every site has its own unique challenges 

“Every site has its own set of challenges. We rely on our policies and procedures to get a baseline that we strive to exceed. Placing the proper Supervisor or foreman on a job is critical, along with a team that has our safety culture in mind.” remarked Kurtis, walking us through the procedure for facing unique safety concerns. “With unique safety concerns, I usually speak with multiple people, from upper management to the safety department, to the experienced supervisors in the field and to the people performing the work. It is good to have input from multiple levels, as not everyone sees or recognizes safety situations and concerns on the same level.”  

New technologies 

Redwater recently trial-tested a new work-alone app that has proven highly efficient. This technology allows managers to keep an eye on workers’ whereabouts when they are working in situations where one is out of sight and hearing of others when they are working alone. Managers are now able to see real-time locations, receive inactive movement alarms and designated check-ins to ensure their workers feel that they have that extra safety net. 

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