About Us

PTW Energy Services is one of the largest electrical and instrumentation providers in North America. PTW has the capability to provide unparalleled service to major clients in the oil sands and other principal hydrocarbon areas as well as clients in the mining and industrial sectors in North America and internationally. In addition, combining Pyramid, Tarpon, Warwick’s modular solutions, structural fabrication and design expertise will constitute a strong, full-service building solutions offering. PTW has over 2,500 employees throughout our worldwide network of offices.

PTW Energy Services

is a privately held company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Founded in 2014, PTW is composed of three businesses, Pyramid, Tarpon, and Warwick that carry out operations in the oil and gas, mining and industrial sectors across North America and Internationally.

Pyramid Corporation

is a privately held company headquartered in Nisku, Alberta, Canada. Founded in 1993, Pyramid has established itself as an electrical and instrumentation industry leader with specialization in construction, maintenance, control panel manufacturing, modular electrical building solutions, flare systems, equipment modules and process equipment. With a network of 27 branch locations across Canada and over 1,000 employees, Pyramid is strategically positioned to offer clients complete maintenance, construction and material procurement services with a focus on safety, quality and outstanding service.

Tarpon Energy Services Ltd.

is a privately held company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Founded in 2003, Tarpon is a leader in electrical and instrumentation services, control systems, renewable power systems and integrated modular solutions. Our offering includes design and engineering, project management, construction, commissioning and maintenance. With a global network of 30 branch locations and over 1,000 employees, Tarpon has built a solid reputation for safety, quality and service performance.

Warwick Structures Group

is a privately held company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Founded in 2015, through the amalgamation of Warwick Industries Ltd, Kent Steel Ltd. and Tarpon Energy Services (Structures) Ltd. Each of these privately held companies has a solid multi-decade history in the structures business. Now that they have been brought together as part of the PTW Energy Services Ltd. group of companies, the combination of technical know-how, plant capacity, manufacturing and construction capability along with solid installation expertise, allows us to provide custom solutions for every project – all through one point of contact. Producing 40,000 buildings over the past 15 years is a significant accomplishment for the many employees who strive to make Warwick the most responsive structures company in the industry.