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A Fresh Start: Sustaining Safe Practices in the New Year

Through January, PTW HSE and operations staff have been facilitating Fresh Start meetings designed as a collective safety reset for our workforce in the field. Over the course of the month, the HSE team has facilitated 42 total fresh start sessions, 40 of which were in person. The sessions encompass a focus on the importance of Hazard Assessments, PTW’s Energy Wheel and Life Saving Rules. The sessions underscore our dedication to cultivating safe habits and increasing awareness of potential risks inherent in our line of work. 

At our core, we take immense pride in prioritizing safety, ensuring it remains a guiding principle in our decision-making processes for workers, branches, and the entire organization. This Fresh Start focus is being facilitated by PTW’s HSE team and has seen active participation from key leaders, including our Chief Executive Officer, John Cooper, and our Vice Presidents of Structural Solutions, Construction and Branch, Surya Sagi, Mike Burnett and Dennis Senych, respectively. Our leaders have engaged in meaningful conversations with our workforce, delving into safety protocols and exploring ways to enhance the work environment for our dedicated teams. 

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