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Detect, Diagnose, Deliver: Redwater Provides Thermal Imaging Services to Customers

Our Redwater Branch is excited to introduce Infrared Thermal Imaging for customers, which is a non-invasive method for evaluating the safety of electrical and mechanical systems. Utilizing state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras, our team offers predictive maintenance to proactively identify issues before they escalate into failures. 

The incorporation of these thermal imaging cameras holds significant advantages for our clients; these cameras enable us to swiftly scan extensive areas, pinpointing potential hotspots on active electrical and mechanical systems to identify potential problems. This innovative technology also mitigates costly downtime, reduces fire risks, helps avoid high fees for emergency electrical troubleshooting, and ultimately contributes to extending equipment lifecycles

Our specialists and cameras undergo annual testing to guarantee top-notch service while in use. Our cameras are also equipped with built-in meter functions and in-camera temperature analysis for accurate and rapid problem diagnosis.  

Our team is comprised of highly trained technicians who are dedicated to delivering quality service. When utilizing our services, our team ensures that the detailed reports provided encompass images, videos, and measurement data obtained during the thermal imaging process. Our commitment to thorough and extensive documentation aims to enhance the overall quality of our services and to provide clients with comprehensive insights into our findings.  

Our team is eager to incorporate this technology into our work sites and is currently undergoing extensive training to ensure seamless integration.

For more information on this service,

Please contact Redwater Area Manager, Kurtis Kwashuk at 587-340-4606 or by email at KKwashuk@ptwenergy.com .  

For further information please contact:
Laryssa Lesinszki, Marketing and Communications Manager, PTW Energy Services 
Tel: +1 403.247.5766; llesinszki@ptwenergy.com

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