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PTW Structural Solutions designs stacked skid, underscoring the team’s expertise and capacity in handling complex builds

PTW’s Structural Solutions team has recently achieved a significant project milestone, taking on a massive skid measuring 57′ x 24′ x 20′ 11″ and weighing 101,274 lbs. This project underscores the team’s expertise and exclusive capacity to handle intricate builds. 

A standout feature of this project is the integration of two skids stacked atop each other, which speaks to our ability to navigate complex engineering challenges. As one of the few Alberta shops equipped for builds of this magnitude, PTW’s role in this project reinforces our Structural Solutions capabilities. 

This project required intricate planning and execution, as of the project start date, the team has devoted 3,415 shop hours to its completion. Our team also painted the skid post wield, which required keen attention to detail, while ensuring a flawless finish, highlighting our commitment to delivering high-quality workmanship.   

With this project’s successful completion, PTW not only adds this significant accomplishment to its portfolio, but also establishes a new standard for our large-scale industrial fabrication. 

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