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Then and Now Feature: Gary Willoughan

Meet Gary Willoughan, one of our Strategic Account Managers who has been with us since 2005. Starting in Peace River as an Instrumentation Technician, Gary rose through the ranks, earning his place as Peace River Area Manager until reaching his current role as Strategic Account Manager.

Looking back on his career journey, Gary noted that it’s the people he works with within PTW that have pushed him to stay all these years. He also shared with us what he has learned over the years and that it is important to place yourself in other people’s shoes and treat others how you would expect to be treated both on-site and in your day-to-day life.

Outside of work, Gary finds joy in the company of his wife Julie and their two delightful dogs, Wrigley and Easton. Together with Julie, they cherish moments spent with friends, indulging in outdoor activities, golfing, and exploring the beauty of nature through hiking.