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PTW Energy Service retrofits structure for NRG  

PTW Energy Services’ Construction & Commissioning teams are tackling the unique task of relocating an old building that was originally commissioned for a large international oil and gas client and is breathing new life into this structure by orchestrating its successful transportation to Texas, where NRG awaits to repurpose it for their endeavors. 

With a shipping limit of 17ft, our team devised three potential options to facilitate the execution of this ambitious project. These options entail comprehensive dismantling of the roof, where each component is meticulously shipped separately and subsequently reassembled on-site. Alternatively; cutting the wall beams to a height of 16 feet, while simultaneously constructing temporary supports to ensure stability during transit; or dividing the roof in half to minimize the overall shipment length. After presenting these options to the client it was decided that the first option to dismantle the roof and ship it in pieces, would be the most suitable solution.  

Additionally, there are several temporary modifications that must be implemented to ensure the safe transportation of the structure. This includes securing the HVAC ducting and cable trays and safeguarding the building’s vital electrical equipment. PTW has also expanded its scope for the project with the additional task of changing the wiring in all the electrical equipment to meet the Texas code. Having received official approval from the client, and assuming everything proceeds on schedule, work is to begin within the beginning of Q3 2023.  

This venture, distinct from PTW’s conventional construction endeavors as it provides an invaluable opportunity for our team to cultivate new and creative solutions that could also be applied to future projects. Driven by meticulous planning and precise execution, we strive to exceed expectations, while redefining industry standards along the way.