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PTW Business Feature: Pacific Northwest (PNW) 

Pacific Northwest Electric & Controls Ltd. (PNW) has been in business in British Columbia for nearly 60 years. They are comprised of two former businesses: Couto Electric and Controls 2012 Ltd; and The Electrician, operating as D.E. Guyatt (1990) Company Limited. By bringing together these two thriving companies, PNW successfully executes projects of any size in a range of industries throughout Northwest BC. We perform work from residential wiring, to and including, heavy industrial projects. Our customer base includes Residential and Commercial electrical work, which is a bit unconventional compared to other PTW service offerings.  PNW performs most estimates with its in-house estimating team in Prince Rupert.  

Some recent projects for PNW include the successful Shore Power project for the Prince Rupert Port Authority in 2022, and electrical work for the new marine fueling station at Wolverine Terminals. 

Recently, we have had requests to provide customers with power factor correction systems to improve their power factor and reduce overall charges from BC Hydro, on top of that we have observed a significant rise in requests for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations, reflecting the growing popularity and adoption of electric vehicles. 

We have a great team in Prince Rupert who consider each other to be friends. It is not uncommon to find our staff spending quality time together outside of work, developing strong relationships.   

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