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PTW Branch Operations feature of the week – Taber

Taber, famous for its corn, is an area primarily dependant on the agriculture and food production industries and is one of the main sources of revenue for our Taber team. The food and agriculture spaces are expected to be a very busy industries within the next 10 years in the Taber region due to the Alberta government’s announcement of 2 major projects which include The Chin Lake Expansion and twinning of major Highway#3. Both major projects are expected to increase food production capabilities and efficiencies and will aid in additional business opportunities for our team.

Our Taber team provide clients with bench and mobile meter proving and combustion installation and maintenance services along with traditional offerings of electrical and instrumentation (E&I) maintenance and construction. The Taber team is unique for their abilities to provide Pressure Safety Valve (PSV) sales and maintenance, with PTW the only Company in the area with these service offerings. Our PSV capabilities are one of the many competitive advantages we can provide clients and our teams are certified by the Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA).

 The Taber team was recently involved with upgrading a French fry plant for a US-based company that required the team to use a Pipe and Wirein order to replace cable within the plant, rather than using Tech cable, an material most commonly used. Pipe and Wire is a much more labour intensive than other methods.

The Taber Branch services a vast area and are comprised of team members residing in Taber, Coaldale, Lethbridge, Claresholm, Vulcan & Okotoks. Many Taber team members support their local communities through coaching or are members of different associations, such as the Taber Titans Charity, a children’s not-for-profit focused on providing financial help for youth to participate in Sports. Many of the employees at the branch have also grown-up playing hockey and are very close as their Area Manager, Dan Arnold, who was their Coach. The Taber team have an active social committee that hosts an annual family camping and golf weekend in June, which they have hosted now for 16 years. 

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