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PTW Branch Operations feature of the week – Rocky Mountain House

Over the past few years, there has been an increasing trend within the Energy industry to implement cost savings and green alternatives, to increase efficiency and operate in ways that are better for the environment. Through the utilization of decades of combined experience, our crews have been able to suggest many cost saving opportunities to customers while achieving desired results.

Our Rocky Mountain team has been part of several of PTW’s climate enhancement projects for clients and have assisted in a utility scale solar project, and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction initiatives in the area. Recently, the team assisted in the completion of the world’s first Eavor Loop™ geothermal generation loop, which involves creating a closed sealed radiator-like system to generate electricity. Heat is harvested from deep within the earth and is a green and clean form of energy generation as no emissions are produced during production. 

Our Rocky Mountain House Branch provides quality service and have been involved in many Projects of all sizes and scopes; the team has several daily maintenance crews, and have executed large scale, complex projects with over 50 personnel. This branch provides:

  • electrical and instrumentation (E&I) construction, maintenance
  • project commissioning and turnarounds
  • mobile and bench meter proving
  • fiber optic installations and testing
  • combustion installation and maintenance.

The Branch has also implemented a turnkey maintenance management program for our customers wherein the Branch manages the entire E&I maintenance program from start to finish. This program has been extremely successful and requires minimal labour input from the client.

The atmosphere at the Rocky Mountain House Branch is fun and upbeat, that considers each other to be “friends and family first, co-workers second.” The Branch prides itself for its family-like cohesion that enjoys spending time with one another both at and outside of the job.

“We’ve got a very selfless group of people in Rocky” comments Mark Morrish, Area Manager to the Rocky Mountain House Branch. “Whether it’s coaching minor hockey, volunteering on community boards, or founding charity BBQ sauce companies, nearly every employee here is involved in our community in one form or another. Likewise, those same principles are what drive the close-knit relationships that have developed amongst our staff, we all want to see each other succeed and we’re always willing to help one another.”

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