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PTW Branch Operations feature of the week – Lloydminster

Our Lloydminster branch operates out of three locations – our East location, Burner shop, and our West location – with each location providing a unique set of skills and services to our clients.

East location

Our East location primarily provides maintenance and small construction services to the area with a lot of the work they see encompassing support for single well operations and SAGD facilities. The team assists clients with preventative maintenance and our Burner shop team with testing burners and facility shutdowns. Our East location has a lot of long-term employees with extensive experience in the maintenance field. The East location is also able to provide Gas Oil Ratio Testing, which involve our operators installing a flow boss and data log of all casing gas flows on site, and we are able to service romet meters through the use of a certified gas meter.

Burner shop

Our Burner shop offers installation, maintenance of Burner Management Systems for both Saskatchewan and Alberta that meet gas code regulations.

We have a separate Burner shop to service the single well operations and facilities in the area and we lend our teams to our other branches in need of burner management services. Our Burner systems are highly efficient and have helped our clients achieve environmental targets since this equipment produces lower gas emissions.

West location

Our West location provides E&I construction and maintenance services for the oil and gas industry in the Lloydminster area and abroad. Services mainly concentrate in the SAGD / Cold oil industry, but we are open to new opportunities and challenges. We have a great team, from the office staff to the field, that are qualified to take on any construction and maintenance project to meet our client’s needs. Our branch has a great reputation for its E&I services in the area which we have worked hard to achieve over the years.

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