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Fostering PTW’s Safety Excellence: Edson

Safety remains our top priority across our branches with each of our branches facing its own challenges and safety risks that require protocols to navigate. We reached out to Keith Laventure, the Area manager at our Edson branch where he walked us through the safety practices of his branch. His procedure for reporting accidents is simple but effective as he says “I make sure that I report all incidents immediately and fill out the appropriate paperwork. It’s a simple concept but effective for preventing repeat incidents.”

Safety concerns vary but remote work where radios and cell phones can’t operate is a challenge that Keith and his team face. Keith and his team heavily rely on their Garmin InReach units or satellite phones to remain in contact, where both tools have abilities to push out SOS messaging in emergencies and share locations.

Keith shared that safety meetings and toolbox chats occur in his branch every morning and before each job begins. Recognition of workplace hazards and open communication are part of Keith’s day-to-day practices in encouraging workers to actively participate and improve safety practices around the branch.

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