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Fort McMurray Supplies the Largest PSV in PTW’s History 

Our Fort McMurray team recently sourced and supplied a local end user with a new replacement 16” x 18” W2 Orifice Pressure Relief Valve, the largest PSV to date has supplied in PTW history. Compared to the valves we normally handle, this valve is significantly larger weighing more than 4200 lbs!

Before shipping, our team conducted in-shop testing to ensure the valve met our standards, and once the valve is installed, we will perform further testing at site using our assisted lift device to ensure the valve functions properly under normal operating conditions. 

This milestone not only highlights our capability to handle extraordinarily large and complex valves but also underscores our commitment to meeting the unique needs of our clients, regardless of scale. 

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Laryssa Lesinszki, Marketing and Communications Manager, PTW Energy Services   
Tel: +1 403.247.5766llesinszki@ptwenergy.com