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Wabasca Completes Competency Evaluations for Skid Steers 

Under the leadership of Area Manager Keith Harrop, PTW’s Wabasca branch recently completed competency evaluations for operating a skid steer. Successful completions were recorded in our eCompliance system to track employees qualified to operate this machinery. Competency evaluations are conducted every three years for specific equipment like skid steers, and other heavy machinery and the training process involves a comprehensive and multi-phased approach to ensure employees are fully prepared to operate the equipment safely and efficiently.  

Our training program begins with theory-based training, where employees learn about the principles, safety protocols, and operational guidelines of the equipment. This theoretical foundation is crucial for understanding the mechanics and safety measures associated with the equipment at hand. 

Following the theory-based training, employees gain practical experience under the guidance of a seasoned mentor. This hands-on training allows them to apply what they’ve learned in a controlled environment, practising while receiving feedback and instruction.  

Finally, once the mentor and the employee’s supervisor believe that the trainee has reached a sufficient level of understanding and can operate the equipment safely, the trainee undergoes a final evaluation. This evaluation is designed to test their practical skills and knowledge. Successful completion of this final assessment indicates that the employee is capable of operating the machinery independently and safely, and their qualification is recorded in our eCompliance system. 

These evaluations are crucial for ensuring a safe understanding of how to operate heavy and dangerous equipment and preventing potential risks or injuries. 

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