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PTW Energy Services’ partnership with Whitecap Dakota First Nation

PTW is a proud partner of Whitecap Dakota First Nation (WDFN) who recently voted in favour of becoming the first self-governing Indigenous nation in Saskatchewan. This historic achievement is another step towards the WDFN government being recognized as a new government within Canada’s constitutional framework.  WDFN’s evolution towards full self-governance also promises to create a more stable and attractive environment for outside investment into the community. 

PTW has been a member of Whitecap Industrial Services (WIS) group, a division of WDFN’s Economic Development arm, since 2014. Most recently Whitecap PTW helped to build the Golden South Windfarm at Assiniboia. Our partners were instrumental in helping our client to successfully complete this construction and achieve the Indigenous Content requirements.

PTW benefits throughout Saskatchewan from our relationship with Whitecap Development Corporation as we jointly pursue electrical and instrumentation work in the Province. WDFN helps us to explore development and maintenance opportunities through relationships that they have built over the thirty plus years that Chief Darcy Bear has been navigating the political and economic landscape.  In turn, Whitecap Industrial Services (WIS) is able to offer the services of a tier one Electrical and Instrumentation company both for individual projects, like Golden South, and as one of the one stop shopping suite of services offered to Industry by WIS. PTW is committed to establishing good relationships with Indigenous communities and it makes good business sense to include our neighbours in our activities. Local people are the backbone of our country, and even more so are the homegrown people of the Prairie Provinces. Reconciliation is something we all need to be involved in and it includes Economic Reconciliation.

WDFN, led by Chief Darcy Bear, is located 26 kilometres south of Saskatoon, and is a relatively small nation with roughly 600 members. Chief Darcy Bear has been Chief of WDFN since the early nineties and has helped to bring economic growth to his Nation that is rooted in forming alliances with businesses. Through these alliances, he has been able to improve quality of life outcomes in the community. Another key partnership resulted in the improvement of a highway from Saskatoon to Lake Diefenbaker now known as Chief Whitecap Trail.  Chief Bear is also the Chair of the SaskPower Board of Directors and serves on many other Boards and Committees across Canada.

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