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PTW Branch Operations feature of the week – Vancouver 

Our Vancouver branch provides an extensive range of services including maintenance, construction, electrical instrumentation and meter proving and uniquely services clients in the food and beverage and water treatment industries. Notably, our branch has successfully completed a significant project in the food and beverage sector and has also undertaken and finished multiple scopes for multiple large Canadian oil and gas producers. 

The Vancouver branch has seen a substantial increase in projects related to carbon reduction, with one of our recent projects with an oil and gas giant focusing heavily on carbon reduction initiatives and carbon capture research. We have supported our client in this undertaking by assisting in the removal and installation of systems during each stage of research.     

Our Vancouver branch works closely with Se-mi-ah-mu Development Corporation in support of economic activities related to our evolving partnership.  

Area manager Steve Badry actively participates in an annual run for Down Syndrome as well, multiple members of the branch are volunteer fire fighters.   

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