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PTW Branch Operations feature of the week – Red Deer

Two PTW Electricians prepare conduit for installation

Our Red Deer Branch uniquely offers meter proving, gas fitting and fiber optic services in addition to our traditional service offerings of electrical and instrumentation maintenance and construction. The Red Deer area has several eHouse/process building manufacturing facilities that we provide prewiring work for and usually require quick turnaround times. Having a gas fitter on staff has been very helpful to our clients as they are required to make sure their equipment is compliant to the B149.3 government standards. The fiber optic services we can provide out of the Red Deer branch include fiber cable install in cable tray and underground conduits, fiber jetting, fiber splicing, trouble shooting and repairs.

Our crew has been involved in daily maintenance and small-scale construction projects for clients in the area, with some client relationships lasting for more than twenty years.  Some of the more interesting work this Branch has been assisting on includes electrical construction at an insulation manufacturer and steel mill.

Our crew is comprised of hard working men and women across Central Alberta and while some of our personnel do not come to the shop on a daily basis, the Branch comes together a few times a year for a team golf tournament, holiday party or a shop BBQ.

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