PTW Branch Operations feature of the week – Kindersley

Comprised of a small, yet mighty crew, our Kindersley branch is kept busy with a variety of maintenance projects, including multi-well pump jack installs, heavy oil well installs, SAGD installs, as well as abandoned wellsite reclamations. This branch provides their electrical and instrumentation (E&I) services to oil and gas clients in addition to commercial clients within the community. While the Kindersley branch is one of our smaller operations, the branch can hold its own amongst our larger teams as the crew covers a large geographic area and has developed deep client relations. Our Kindersley branch is always striving for the next big project or contract, and a lot of the work we obtain in this region is dependant on the strong relationships we are able to build, and our workforce’s reputation.  

Because of this branch’s size, the team is a “very tight-knit and highly collaborative group that enjoys spending time with one another” comments Jeff Petrushka, Area Manager for the Kindersley branch. “Employee engagement is high here as the team enjoys team building activities together or just hanging out. We try our best to keep morale high in the office, as they say, ‘the day you can’t laugh at work is the start of the end,’ so we do our best to keep the mood light-hearted when we can.”

In Saskatchewan, our team has noted a consistent trend of harmonic distortion issues that our Kindersley team has been part of the solution to  help rectify. The distortion issues, is caused by “dirty power” entering the power grid, causing farming and residential appliances to malfunction or break-down sooner than expected. “Dirty power” is a power distortion that is caused by reduced speed on the variable frequency drive (VFD) impacting the power grid in a negative way.

Our team has been installing harmonic filters on pump jacks in the Kindersley area to help ensure this large equipment is operating on a lower, more efficient frequency and to help ensure that additional power does not continue to flood the grid.

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