PTW Branch Operations feature of the week – Athabasca

Our Athabasca branch consists of over 40 electrical and instrumentation (E&I) employees that specialize in construction and maintenance rolls, a full-time Shop Technician for instrumentation and calibration repairs, a senior level Programmer, and an in-house construction Project Manager who oversees some of our major construction projects.  

 “We have a great group of people that are reliable and proficient at what they do” comments Michael Olson, Area Manager for the Athabasca Branch. “Our team covers a large area of land and with that comes a wide variety of equipment that we are experienced in. With the shop being established in the area for over 30 years we have seen a variety of construction jobs and a wide array of maintenance projects in most facets of the energy industry.

Our Branch is working on a few exciting projects including installing Sonic Air fans in the ceiling of an oriented strand board (OSB) mill to help reduce the risk of potential fires.

Our instrumentation and calibration repair shop services includes:

  • Valve and actuator repairs/calibration,
  • Kimray glycol pump repairs/testing,
  • Chemical pump repairs/testing,
  • Transfer pump repairs/testing,
  • Repairs and proving of water meters up to 2” on a gravimetric bench prover, and
  • Personal monitor calibrations/repairs.

These services are unique to our Athabasca branch and offer clients the convenience of a timely and reliable repair or calibration of their equipment.  

Our Athabasca branch also has a rental division that contains large fleet of chart recorders, deadweight testers, baker pumps, and test trees for customers requiring calibrated pressure testing/recording equipment.

For further information please contact:
Laryssa Yakiwchuk, Marketing and Communications Manager, PTW Energy Services
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