SAGD Oil Sands Modules

Kinosis Lake, Alberta, Canada
Long Lake, Alberta, Canada


PTW was contracted by a leading engineering firm to build 25 modules for use on their SAGD Oil Sands sites. The modular building systems included well pad skids, pipe rack modules and EDD e-houses complete with transformers.
Upon starting construction, the team found inconsistencies in the drawings. As the work progressed, the deficiencies were recognized as an ongoing challenge. The workface planners and Journeymen took a proactive approach by reviewing drawings in advance and submitting requests for information. By working with the engineers to resolve the inconsistencies, as well as increasing presence on site, PTW maintained the rigourous project schedule and succeeded in meeting all shipping deadlines.
PTW performed the complete electrical and instrumentation scope of work for the modules including the installation and workface planning of the mineral heat trace system and engineered trays. PTW also managed the QA/QC of the E&I components. The modules were constructed in Edmonton, Alberta before being shipped and re-assembled by the PTW team at the final site locations in Kinosis and Long Lake, Alberta.