Modular E-Houses and Remote Instrument Buildings

Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Fabrication and Construction)
Wood Buffalo, Alberta, Canada (Final Destination)


PTW Energy Services was contracted by an EPC based in Seoul, Korea. The objective was to construct all buildings in Calgary, Alta, and deliver to the Owner’s site in Wood Buffalo within an 11 month time period. PTW successfully increased its construction crew – from 120 to 280 – in a span of six weeks to achieve given schedule.

  • Design, Fabrication, Electrical Integration and Testing of 10 Blast Resistant Buildings:
  • 5 E-Houses 54m x 14m x 7m
  • 5 RIB (Remote Instrument Buildings) 25m x 14m x 7m
  • 20 HVAC
  • Detailed engineering design, calculations and stamped drawings
  • Blast resistant design approved by third party safety consultant
  • Blast resistant cable cellar
  • Pile and foundation
  • Design, supply and installation of cable tray, lighting system, 600V-208/120V distribution transformers and panels, grounding system
  • 3D model integration
  • Installation of free issued equipment
  • Supply, install, terminate, test all power and control cabling, control systems & IT
  • Supply complete HVAC system, general layout drawings, blast louvers/dampers, protective devices for HVAC ducts and cable