Early Production Facility

Sakhalin Island, Russia


An international service company was contracted to provide a 50,000 BOPD facility on a fast track basis. The development called for an interim production solution while the main facility was under construction. PTW was responsible for supplying the modular power generation and distribution system for the local conditions and environment. The units were designed, built and transported to the site in accordance with Russian regulations. Complete scope of work included:

  • Structural and electrical design
  • Supply of three (3) MW gas and diesel engine powered generators
  • Power distribution (MCC)
  • Generator synchronization and loading system
  • Building design and fabrication
  • Package integration
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Field support

The Chayvo field development on Sakhalin Island represents one of the largest oil and gas projects undertaken by a western oil company in the Russian Federation with a production capacity of
250,000 BOPD.